Hearts EP. 10"

by ghosting.

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released June 12, 2009



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Track Name: song five
Song Five
Matt- With another year behind me what have I learned? I've learned that our existence
leaves us breathless. There's no point in trying to fathom
how the reflection from the moon foreshadows and structures our daily activities.
A glow that reflects our inner workings and paints a picture that correlates an ideal way of life.
A manifestation from the stars shows all hope was not burned out
light years ago, but continues on with a never wavering cycle destined to be
repeated for as long as our lungs continue to draw breath. A struggle not for naught
to reclaim our existence while we struggle to exist.

This manifestation from the stars shows all hope was not burned out
light years ago, but continues on with a never wavering cycle destined to be
repeated for as long as our lungs continue to draw breath. With every inhalation we gain some sort of clarity
and find peace with the mistakes our bodies make; we take solace and rejoice in the fact there there are second chances.

Tyler- we breathe new life in these worn in lungs.
Track Name: song four
Song Four
Matt- I'm so distant from myself I can't feel the constant construct of walls surrounding my heart. Such foundations prevent self diplomacy when it's needed the most.
But if I could just learn to express myself in different ways, my vocabulary seems repeat itself with ever thought I seem to convey.
Making treaties as a safety net to keep myself intact. But what if this safety net were to rip when I needed it the most? Upon impact there's no breath left to sustain this dream; with these aspirations prematurely deceased. I'm reduced to somnambulism

A hope I too may get a second chance to set things straight. A transitional cleanse to clear a pathway to another part of myself.
This cleanse has yet to take effect, though I can feel the difference it has made on my life. What kind of toll will it take? I breath for myself but long for your warmth. A comfort I haven't felt in a year.

Tyler- In the convenience of time id like you to know that ive missed you, ive missed you for years. In the times where we smiled i remembered your happiness, i remembered the times when we cared.
We carried ourselves as high as the clouds, and we felt the stares of the crowds as we walked our intentions together.

We sat in our homes and watched as the days grew shorter and the nights grew longer.
we passed the time as if we were never getting it back.
and i remember ever single thing you ever told me.

and I hope that if anything, you still feel alive
Track Name: song one
Song One
Matt- Our hands wove this basket that held our hearts. Our fingers crossed in a wickerwork design.
And though we knew this patchwork was coming undone, we persued emotions not quite held true to.
We acted out the motions with thoughts of greater things. These unsaid words created an eidolon and I'm an emotional liability.

I don't know about you dear, but I to have thoughts to have posthumously done things differently. Communication will be our key; we'll unlock these doors locked long ago. But I'm not sure i'm ready to know what went wrong.
And my heart still changes with every color of autumn. I too am a catalyst with the best intentions.

Tyler- and nothing you know of me will breathe of patience, in eyes involuntarily living.
im breathing.
im desperately searching for the branch to hold me as i walk the path that has been set before me.
with my head held high and my feet below me.
and i feel, i feel everything.
Track Name: song three
Song Three
Matt- As seasons change, my heart changes too. It's a fluctuation of heartbeats measured in waves from the sea; an ebb and flow, that carves landscapes in society.
But as magnificent as they are I can't seem to find an escape from it all. Just a temporary reprieve under this sky. Engulfed by dead air, no oxygen to fill our lungs, we choke ourselves.

So we eclipse ourselves in ways we'll never know as well allow this solstice to lead us into summer. We piece our existence together through creased bonds on perforated edges. Only to be torn apart.
One day these constellations will save my life.

Tyler- "Come back to me" I will scream with distaste in your ear, as the rain beats the drum of my heart. If you let me I'll hold you, I'll hold you, Ill hold you, tightly. The dreams of our pasts resurrect in quiet stares of longing, and the things we once held close are the furthest from our lives.

You and me, we got lost in creation.
You and me, we got caught in the pull of the tide
Track Name: song six
Song Six
Matt- The knowledge you posses leaves me breathless, sitting in your wake I do my best just to catch my breath.
Inhaling your essence and filling my lungs with you, I tried to unlock your thoughts and unravel the
enigma that encompasses you; never allowing yourself the exposure needed to grow from such an experience.

Your thoughts are passed from you to me; parting from your soft lips through a kiss. A kiss that left so much to be desired
and I got caught in myself far too long to ever receive such a gift from you.
But with this newly acquired information I can see the stars.

I can see beyond the stars. But I still don't know all that I have learned. All I know is that I'm closer to you.

How is it that one person can disrupt the rhythm of my heart?
A cyclical pattern of heart beats palpitate at the slightest response to my existence.
Even our heartfelt conversations lack the use of our hearts.
Track Name: song seven
Song Seven
Matt- This metronome I once thought was perfect is actually flawed in every way. We tried to dance to our own rhythm but we realized our hearts were never in sync.
This off rhythm beat lead our feet astray I'm a wallflower embed in time and only rooting deeper. I gave up this chance to find fresh ground
But these fetters have us bonded, rooted to another day as if our time hasn't come yet, but you're mentally unattainable.

And these sidewalks keep stretching forward. the distance stretches so far it's as though I'm walking backwards.
Crack after crack creep by me as a reminder that the city and person I once called home is now occupied by another.
And even though we called each other lovers, we're now just long distance acquaintances too busy to keep in touch;
to keep you close to me

This is the only way I know how to gain some closure from this haggard friendship. An attempt to let this go as we progress through our own lives.

We walk our hearts with the mythology of our time knowing we will forever be healed from the decisions that brought us here.

Tyler- the rain she spoke to me,
the rain she spoke she, screamed my name.
right into the drum of this inquired soul
but the world she spoke of felt so cold.

"when can i see what you speak of my fair my sweet?"
she answered with her howls
oh how she howls at me.
"its something you'll find on your own."

"but i already feel alone."
and with that she was gone but the rain still descended.
it renewed the hope id once lost.

the rain, she was coldest in june.